Jean E Dilley
2014 TAX DATA for
Personal, Family,
& Charitable Rremainder Trusts, and IRA

UPDATES as of 4/1/2015 (Prior year returns, trust documents)

Jean Dilley Trust
Family Trust
Jean Charitable Remainder Trust   
   Schwab 1099
    Schwab 1099
   Schwab 1099
   Schwab year end stmt
   Compass Diversified Holdings K-1
   Kinder Morgan Partners K-1
   Memorial Production Partners K-1

Note:  $4,600 was paid out in 2014 to Jean
            via transfer to the Jean Dilley Trust
      (year end stmt above confirms Dec pmt)
   EK pension 1099
   SS payment Amount Confirmation
   Met Life 1099-NT
    COMPIS K-1    
    Chicago RTC 16D LLC K-1

Jean IRA
    Schwab 1099

Summary of Withheld Taxes:
withheld from Kodak pension  $2,701.68
withheld from IRA distributions  $8,601.82
PA:  $776.19 (via IRA)
   Alliance Bernstein K-1
   Energy Transfer Partners K-1
   Hi-Crush Partners K-1
   Kinder Morgan Partners K-1
   LINN Energy Partners K-1
Plains All American Pipeline K-1
   Stonemor Partners K-1
   Vanguard Natural Resources Partners K-1

   Medical and Contributions
   Humana year end summary
Prior year:                                           
  2013 CRT form 5277
  2013 FTform 1041
  2013 Jean 1040 & PA

Jean dob 4/12/1921
  JED CRT trust document
  JED trust document
  NED family trust document
2013 Form SSA-1099 (in leiu of lost 2014 form)
   Jean Working Papers
   (only item not captured elsewhere is
    $3.84 interest from Bank America)
If there are questions or additional information is required, please contact me.
Lee Dilley            215-266-6051 T     215-302-7312 F